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  • Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 08:50:26 -0700 (PDT)

I am waiting to get word from the developer on this but I believe it will work. 
I noticed this about a year ago. What I would do is rename any .vob file I have 
to .mpg

renaming these .vob files to .mpg allows these .mpg files to playback with my 
default media player Windows Media Player 11 program.

Insert your DVD disc into the computer's tray. If the DVD plays please stop the 

Go to My Computer icon and locate your DVD drive. Locate the Video folder. It 
may say video_TS. Open it and you will see the .vob files. Copy and paste these 
.vob files to another folder on your hard drive.

Open up Replay Converter 3.2+. Locate the add files button and press spacebar. 
The standard open type dialog box appears. Locate the folder where your .vob 
files and add them. you have added the .vob files to Replay Converter. To 
extract just the audio from these files just tab to the "convert audio" button 
and tab one more time and make sure in the listbox known as the "target 
formats" list to be sure "mp3 format" has been selected. tab one more time and 
press spacebar on "start conversions job" button. The conversion starts. Wait. 
Your .mp3 converted files will be in the same folder where you copied and 
pasted your .vob files on your hard drive.

If you want to burn the .vob files to a new DVD blank disc this also can be 
done using Replay Converter 3.2+. I am waiting to hear from the developer if 
renaming these .vob files to .mpg will work because you will save at least 2 
hours of work on your part. 

Insert a blank DVD disc in your computer. Make sure your DVD burner supports 
the disc type you will be using there. Most recent computers support both the 
DVD -R and +R format. Do not use DVD RW discs.

But you can try it. To preserve your original .vob files simply create a new 
folder on your hard drive and copy and paste these .vob files into this new 

Rename these .vob files to .mpg

Run Replay Converter 3.2+, Find the "add files" button and locate these .mpg 
files. Select them and choose the open button.

Use tab key to get to "convert audio" button. When you are here down arrow to 
"burn to DVD". It's below the convert video. Press spacebar then tab one more 
time. New screen appears, choose DVD NTSC USA and press your tab key one time 
to choose with spacebar "start conversion job" button.

Follow the on screen messages and be very patient. If you have only one burner 
on your computer you will not have to change any settings that appear in the on 
screen messages. Leave the defaults except in one area where you are asked for 
burning speed rate. I change the rate to 2x and its a combo box. When the burn 
is finished the disc will pop out for you. Choose ok and you can insert another 
blank disc into the tray and then choose burn another disc/copy.

I hope this helps.
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