[blindreplay] Corrupted Schedule8.dat, Has Anyone experienced This?

  • From: Pam Drake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 10:42:59 -0700

Thursday I closed Replay A/V 8.76, my latest version installed on Christmas night of 2009. All seemed fine but when I tried to launch it last night for a scheduled recording I found I had no scheduled recordings. I had upgraded Window-Eyes yesterday morning and was hoping it was a screen reader issue but when I rebooted the system, launched JAWS, then Replay I got the same "no selected item" notice when I tried to check my list of shows. I then looked for the schedule8.dat on the computer. When I didn't find it I searched for the word "schedule" in hopes I had misspelled it. There were a few schedules listed but not that one!

Is it possible my schedule8.dat is corrupted?

I haven't upgraded my version of Replay for a while. No reason, just that I have been so successful in recording shows up to now that I just hadn't gotten to it. I hadn't backed up the program directory, but I'm sure I can locate the urls again except for one which does not advertise. I'm thinking that may be found in the activity log so I'm thinking it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade. I am wondering if anyone has ever seen this problem; and am I even on the right track in my thinking? Could my schedule data be hidden in some other place on the hard drive? Yes I can find the urls but it would be nice not to have to. <grin>

Thanks a million in advance.


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