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Great news! Let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks, man. I converted the video to MP3 format in RMC 6. There is a
choice in the conversion target formats to extract audio. That is what I used.
I had figured that Replay Media Catcher 6 and Replay Converter 4 used the
same conversion engine. It appears that RMC 6 has some additional conversion

For the record, I am using JAWS 16 and the latest version of RMC 6. I
downloaded itThursday or Friday.


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Hi Rob

Which screen reader are you using?

Which version of RMC6 do you have.

Latest version is

The WEBM file you have can you see what its file size is and tell us?

One way to gets its file size is to locate it on your hard drive or examine
the size while in the RMC6 list view.

Also, are all your youtube captures in WEBM format?

You can tell RMC6 to capture in another format like MP4 for the originals it
captures for you.

In Replay Media Catcher 6 (RMC6) locate the recording / file in the list view
area and down arrow or up arrow on this file then press ctrl+m. That is press
the control key and letter m as in mike or as in Mp3. Note this is the manual
way to do the conversion.

JAWS is the easiest to use when it comes to using the Conversion Setting

NVDA can be used to use the Conversion Settings button but its complex.

I have the steps at my blog at


To set RMC6 to automatically convert all files you capture in the future you
would locate the the conversion Settings button on main UI (user interface) of
RMC6 then press your spacebar on this button and choose Formats then MP3 then
MP3 default.

Next time you capture,

Note you will still get the original file and RMC6 will automatically convert
all files to MP3.

If you decide later on you do not want everything to convert to MP3 you would
locate the Conversion Setting button on main UI of RMC6 then press spacebar
then down arrow to the Con’t Convert entry and press your enter keyboard key.

If you want all your youtube content originals to be in MP4 format I will
tell you in next message.

I can assist over the phone on Monday if needed.

Eastern USA.

From: Rob

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Subject: [blindreplay] Convert Youtube video to MP3 audio

I used Replay Media Catcher 6 to download a video from Youtube. It is in
WEBM format. How to I convert the video to MP3 audio format using Replay
Converter 4?

When I try performing an audio conversion, I get an MP3 file with size 0
bytes. When I try to perform a video conversion, the audio formats are not in
the list of choices for the target format.

I appreciate your help.

Rob Armstrong

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