[blindreplay] Re: Command Line Switches

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 07:46:24 -0400 (EDT)


I have yet to play with the YouSendIt Plugin so I cannot comment on this 
specific situation.
What I can tell you in general, and this goes for both JFW and WE, is that 
what screen readers do is reformat web pages to fit the needs of its users 
as perceived by the designers of the screen reader.  Hence, GwMicro and 
Freedom Scientific have differing perceptions as how an interface is to be 
presented resulting in what the screen reader shows you.
This is why, at times, a sighted person has difficulty in assisting a 
blind person in using a particular program or sight.
What he/she sees may not be exactly the same, and in the same place, as 
you or I do confusing both us and them.
That's probably all that is in play here with the presentation of the 
YouSendIt Plugin.

Currently, I'm playing with RAV's podcatcher figuring out to what use I 
want to put it to on an ongoing basis.
It has some nice capabilities, particularly the ability to sync files in 
the same directory as show recordings, but it also has some serious 
drawbacks when compared to Juice.
One of these is that Juice shows you the complete listing of available 
episodes of a given podcast that are currently available where RAV appears 
not to be able to do this.
Another is that Juice, if it gets interrupted in downloading something, 
will go back later and download it again.
RAV appears to overlook that episode.

So I see these podcatchers working in parallel with RAV downloading a 
small subset of subscriptions that Juice captures, particularly those that 
I want to be immediately aware of as these will be mixed in with my 
current recordings sync file.
For long-term purposes, Juice seems to offer more which isn't surprising 
as Juice is a dedicated podcatcher first and foremost.

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