[blindreplay] ClearChannel Stations Streams Continued

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 19:12:18 -0700 (PDT)

Oh my. By looking at the html source code for WKRC radio station
I found a way to get the stream for WKRC.

I do not know if this will work on all ClearChannel stations.

Leslie or others who are sighted or have some vision left:

When you go to a Clearchannel station's website and click on the
listen link or image does the audio stream play for you
immediately for you. For me and others with screen readers do
not get the stream to play.

Flash or javascript?

I looked at the website html code and found a
"/pages/streaming.html and combined this with the actual WKRC
domain name. I pasted this URL into the browser's address bar
and this time I got a "streaming link". 

I clicked on this link and the steam played.

I stopped the stream.

I minimized this page.

Opened Replay AV 8.21 and ran URL Finder. Minimized Replay AV
8.21. Went back to WKRC's site I had minimized and played the
stream. Went back to Replay AV and found the stream for WKRC.
It's below.     
I want to see if WREC website html code is the same like WKRC's
is. maybe they have a pattern.

Here's WKRC stream:


The above link if it appears broken you must put it together.

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