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Thanks a bunch, Petro. I look forward to what you come up with for a recordable 
link as I very much want to archive Rick Lewis's Home Town Countdown he hosts 
each Saturday evening from 9:00 to midnight CDT. He takes a top 40 station 
survey from various markets each Saturday from a week in the late 50s, 60s or 
early 70s and counts them down ... without commercials. And the audio is VERY 
good. Enough for my commercial *smile*. 

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  ok, you can do your context menu key in replay av and down to stop 
download/capture and enter there and it will stop the recording
  then you can use the delete key to delete the   test recording 
  you set up i can take a look at the site and see if i can get it to record 
and if so i can post the link you will need
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    I set up a test in Replay AV but now can't find how to stop the recording 
so I can delete it. Also, I'm having a tough time recording anything from 
http://www.therideradio.net, which has audio links for Winamp, WMA, RA and Loud 
City. For whatever reason I can't get them to work for me now, even with URL 
Finder on. Please advise.

    Hap Holly, KC9RP
    Founder Producer, RAIN Report
    SKYPE Name: A.P. "Hap" Holly

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