[blindreplay] CHAM via audio output

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  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 08:17:04 -0700 (PDT)

JoAnne & all
You can record CHAM by using the audio output radio button
within the recording tab. On that same recording tab properties
tab choose: General Streaming, the driver should be Applian's
new audio driver. This assumes you have the latest version of
Replay AV 8.

In your basic tab put the name of your CHAM show in the name

The URL field put:

Leave it at MP3 in combo box. 128 kbps for now.

Convert to combo box. Leave it as is unless you want another
format for this.

Choose ok.

Go to list box within Replay AV 8.

Press END to go down the last item in the list box. This is the
show you added.

Press application key or shift F10 on this newly added CHAM.

Press S to start recording. Recording starts for you with the
music/audio coming through your speakers.

Note with this new audio driver from Applian your screen
reader's speech output does not get recorded as in previous
versions of Replay AV 8 or RAV 7.

This is great because say your antivirus pops up or starts a
scan in the middle of the night while you are recording the JAWS
speech will not get recorded during your audio output recording.
It will record just your CHAM audio and nothing else no matter

This is just a temporary solution. Maybe Applian will fix you a

Now if your like the audio quality here then go back to this
CHAM properties dialog box and set your schedule properties for
the start and end times. 

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