[blindreplay] Re: Bug in Mediacatcher

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  • Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 07:10:26 -0400

Hi Gary
Press enter on Library tab control on main interface then,
press your tab key a few times until you hear 'No Conversion Settings' then 
down arrow key on No Conversion Settings Menu to open the various formats 
available to you. Arrow down to the Formats submenu. Right arrow when you hear 
Formats submenu.
Down arrow now to where you hear MP3 submenu.
When you hear MP3 Submenu press right arrow key. A list of MP3 formats will 
appear. Down arrow here to the MP3 bit rate you want like Mp3 128 kbps. When on 
the MP3 format of your choice press your tab key until you land on OK and press 

You are telling Replay Media Catcher 5 whatever you capture from here on out to 
automatically to auto convert to the Mp3 format you have set here.

If it captures an FLV, MP4 it will keep the original and make you a conversion 
to MP3 too.

In your example,
When you edit a schedule or run a schedule settings and you see No Conversion 
settings right before the ok button but you recall you set it to say MP3 in the 
past no concerns. If you open this setting on your second attempt and 
shift+tabs back to the 'no conversion setting' you will notice you will see the 
format show up that you previously set there.

I do not know why this happens. I've seen it happen a few times here in the 

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  I've now got several shows recording and I'm find out that sometimes if I go 
  to edit a show to tweak start or run length, the setting I have for format 
  where I want a convertion to mp3 just disappears, without me touching it.

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