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  • Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 18:34:19 -0500

Hi Gary
Will test for you over the weekend and let you know. For now, since they did 
not convert to mp3 your files you can manually convert those files by right 
clicking the file in the list view that did not convert and choose 'save to 
mp3' and press enter key. In the list view what are the files extensions? FLV 
or what that did not auto convert.

If you want Replay Media Catcher 5 to automatically convert everything you 
capture to be in MP3 format with your bit rate you should go on main user 
interface of RMC5 and tab around until you hear 'No Conversion Settings'. Be 
sure to have the Library tab control on main user interface active by pressing 
your enter key on Library tab control. Do you understand?

If not, I will make a quick recording for you. Shoot me a private email message.

While on 'No Conversion Settings' press spacebar and then down arrow key if you 
are using XP and for other operating systems just press your down arrow key and 
you will get the various ways to convert. Like media Players, Phones, 
Manufacturers, Formats. Choose Formats and choose the MP3 format bit rate you 
want. Maybe MP3 Default is good enough. Press enter on it then tab over to ok 
to save. On main UI it will read No Conversion Settings but just tab and 
shift+tab and you will hear MP3 Default or whatever format you chose.

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  I have all events set to convert to mp3 at 96, but they don't do it.  I just 
  checked the events and all have the right setting, it's an hour after the 
  last events, no mp3s at all.  The events run 1 at 6 a.m., 1 at 9 a.m., 2 at 
  12 p.m..  No station is recorded twice in a row, but apparently all but one 
  use IHeart.  There are a couple minutes between the end of one recording and 
  the beginning of the next.
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