[blindreplay] Re: Attention Window-Eyes 6.1: Feedback needed

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:10:32 -0400 (EDT)


What I think is needed is attempting to get more blind folks to use RAV.  
The more users, the more likely one among them will be a WE user and 
competent and comfortable working with sets and soon scripts.
The issues we raise may well be dealt with the types of things you bring 
It's both a matter of time on someone's end as well as skill and a bit of 
luck stumbling into the solution.
While I have done some wonderfous things with sets, this kind of thing is 
beyond my competence level; hopefully, you will stumble upon the answer 
and share the sets with us and GWMicro.

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