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Observations first:

YouSendIt inclusion to RAV 8 is fantastic addition to RAV 8.20. 

New look to Replay Converter. Sure hope we can still use it with
our screen readers. Only time will tell. I am sure Applian now
knows what to do to make it say user friendly with a screen

Members Club is a good idea too. 


May 24, 2007
Cool New Product News for May

The Applian Advantage Club: A while back I asked some of you for
your opinion about a ?Members Only Club? ? a club for Suite
owners that would offer certain
benefits to its members. Well we still plan on starting the club
? it?s just taken a bit longer than we thought. We are redoing
our website in the next
month and once it?s done we will start the club. Please watch
for an invitation. We are really excited to get this going.
If you would like details on the future Applian Advantage Club
benefits please 
click here:
Replay AV 8.2 ? This latest version of Replay AV will include
Applian Media Courier powered by YouSendIt: -a new feature that
enables Replay AV customers
to retrieve their recorded files anywhere they can access e-mail
. Imagine being at work and getting an e-mail with a link to
your favorite daily recording?
Or being on vacation and listening to all your favorite shows? 

This is slated for release in early June. If you are interested
in receiving an email when Replay AV with Applian Media Courier
powered by YouSendIt is
available, please 
click here.

Replay Converter with DVD Burning Capabilty: We are about to
release a whole new version of Replay Converter with a brand new
look and a great new feature
? DVD burning! Replay Converter with DVD burning should be
available early to mid summer. Thanks to this new feature you
will be able to go from download
to DVD in one easy step.

If you are interested in being notified when Replay Converter
with DVD Burning capability is available, please 
check here.
<Replay Media Catcher 2.10: This first-ever streaming Flash
Video Recorder was released in February and we have already
improved it. Replay Media Catcher
now includes automatic naming of captured videos, and can
record, recognize and tag streaming MP3 files too. Version 2.10
will have the ability to capture
more MP3 streams, as well as extract MP3 tracks from Shoutcast
radio stations. If you haven?t tried this super easy recorder
yet ? you should. Just remember
the secret to using Replay Media Catcher is that you need to
open the program and hit ?start recording? BEFORE even going to
the website that you want
to record. 

Replay Media Catcher 2.10 will be available by June 1. Updates
are free for existing customers.

Learn more about Replay Media Catcher 2.10 

<Replay Music Fans: With the release of Windows Vista, the
current recording method that Replay Music employs doesn't work
anymore. We understand this is
frustrating. But we are very excited about a new technology
under development that will restore audio recording capabilities
to Vista.

Read why we believe Replay Music doesn't work with Vista and
sign up to be notified about this new recording technology when
it becomes available. 
Please click here. 

Updates: We are never satisfied to leave well enough alone. We
are constantly updating our programs. Why not add our updates
page link to your RSS reader
or bookmarked pages and check it once a week or so. That way you
will always know the latest new features we have added to our


Thanks for reading all our latest news. If you have any
questions please e-mail me (Leslie Bee) at:


Have fun.

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