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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 08:09:51 -0700

Hey Orin - 

Please contact tech support for Replay Music.  Just copy and paste this
e-mail and send it to them.


You can contact them at:




I am sure they can help you.


I am so sorry you are having so many problems.



From Applian Technologies
Sorry I am not a tech person



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Hi all,


Okay, what I had to do was install over a previous version of RM because
when I tried to uninstall it it came up with a bunch of errors saying that
it couldn't find something. Before this though, it said that it couldn't
install because another file was in use. I closed down every application I
had running and deleted the entire RM folder and tried uninstalling again
which resulted in these errors. Then when I used it yesterday somehow the
brassonet service got mest up. For some reason I can't restore my computer
to last week when I knew it was working, so I tried to uninstall and
reinstall again. When I reinstalled it both installing and uninstalling I
guess it got the files back. But now when I click on the start/stop
recording button it just freezes and doesn't respond.


HMMM... think I mest up big time here...



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