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Highlight the listen link. With JAWS  do a insert+F7 on the
listen link you have highlighted - focus on.

Do a tab key.

Press space bar.

Press applications key.

Context menu appears.

Choose "copy shortcut".

This copies your listen link to teh clipboard.

The above method does not work all the time. It could be
javascript type link URL.

It could be embedded type link. BBC does this.

If the above doesn't reveal the actual listen link address. You
can use RAV 8's URL finder tool.

Listen to my podcast I did on the URL finder and read teh User
Guide for RAV 8. Go to Help Menu within RAV 8 for the user

Say the copied shortcut worked for you.

Open RAV 8.

Do a ALT+S for the shows menu.

Choose ADD Show Manually optin within Shows Menu.

The Edit Properties dialob box appears.

You will be in the basics tab.
You will be asked to name the show or station.

Tab 1 time. Enter all teh correct choices you need.

You will land in teh URL address area: 

Do a ctrl+v to paste in the copied listen link you got earlier.

Configure the Recordings, Schedule tabs also with your

Note you will need to know what kind of stream the listen link
is that you have copied. WMP - Real and so on. The site should
tell you this. When you paste in teh copied URL into the URL
field within the Basics tab within RAV 8 look at its ending
extension. It may show up as .asx. If you seee mms:// then it is
WMP format.

If you see rtsp: then its a Real player format.

I hope this helps you.

--- pamdrake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro,  
> Will this work if I add a station which plays in Windows Media
> Player?  I am
> trying to add a station which has one of these "listen here"
> links from
> within its menu.  I have been able to read the complete path
> with the JAWS
> cursor when it first launches but it doesn't seem to stay in
> the window long
> enough to memorize it for writing into Notepad.  It just seems
> to disappear
> after a few seconds, leaving only the rest of the radio
> station info; that
> is to say, links which will not activate a stream, like the
> "radio station
> homepage" link.  I have tried selecting the item in order to
> paste it but
> when I go to copy the selected item it doesn't show up in the
> url field.  I
> have not tried reading this with Window-eyes.  It is something
> like
> <http://liquidcompass.cc/xx/xx/xx.php>.  It is so long I can't
> remember the
> whole thing.  I have thought of making an audio recording of
> the output in
> order to try to type this string, but there doesn't seem to be
> any other way
> to capture it.  
> This is a station I'd really like to record; and there is
> another url, this
> one with a .asf extension, which I pay for and which requires
> a password to
> launch from the main page.  How can I add these streams?  
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> I used to use Winamp awhile back but no longer. So I can't
> test this but
> maybe 1 of you can.
> It should work.
> There are many ways to add things in Replay AV 8. You can add
> manually or
> use teh Media Guide.
> Basically you have to go into the properties of the station in
> Basic tab and
> edit the URL address edit box to use Winamp's
> path:
> I do not know Winamp's current path but it should be like
> this:
> Advanced Feature: You can make a specific program load a URL
> to play by
> entering the full path name and command line into the URL
> field.
> For example, entering this into the URL field forces Winamp to
> play a
> stream: 
> "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe"
> "http://radio-address-here/xxx.mp3";
> The above example, tells RAV 8 to use Winamp to play radio
> stream.
> I do not know if Winamp's path has changed so check and let us
> know.
> Where you see "http:// - this is where you enter the station
> stream
> address".
> Petro      
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