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  • Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 09:30:13 -0800 (PST)

If its 3 lines the URL address just copy it first. Open you text
editor, paste it, look at the the URL address in your editor,
make sure there are no spaces in the address. If there are fix
the broken URL. Save the document as a .txt document.

Now go back to WMP player, do a ctrl U, paste that URL address
and hit enter. See if the stream plays.

If it does play within WMP then add it as a new show within
Replay AV 8.

You can even email a message to yourself. Fromn you, to you.
Works everytime.

Paste the URL in body of message.

Send it to yourself. Soon you will receive the email from you.

Press enter key on the URL address in body of message. The
stream should play.
--- Robin Plitt <plittr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> thanks Gary,
> I'm going to try this before I send a file. 
> Not sure if sending a sample to this list would be useful as
> it is a subscription product, and I don't want to give away my
> password (Grin).
> the stuff I'm having problems with is a flash-based produc and
> the URLs are real long. WHen they show up in Windows Media
> Player, They take three lines. So, I think I might try the
> text editor trick.
> Wonder why Replay does this.
> Robin
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>   Subject: [blindreplay] A suggestion for Robin
>   Robin, I believe I know what you are talking about with
> respect to some URL'S being truncated when trying to paste
> them in to the basic Replay Av field. this seems to happen
> with surfer network or URL'S that have java script links. try
> this one:
>   I found the best way to deal with links like this is to be
> sure and maximize whatever editor you may use for text, paste
> any URL'S into a file making sure the URl is on one line, re
> copy it to the clipboard, paste it into replay Av. 
>   A lot of times it is best to forget about the URL finder
> within Replay Av. once you get the radio station audio
> playing, determine which player is playing the audio. if
> windows media player is being used, ALT tab to the player,
> look in the properties and get the URL which would be the
> location, which would be read only, copy it to the clipboard
> and paste it into Replay av. if a browser window pops up, just
> go to the address bar, copy the URL from it, paste it into
> Replay Av, try it. Replay will truncate passwords when trying
> to tune into XM stations too. I had to go to the XM site,
> shorten my password to get it to work in Replay Av. 
>   I would like it if you could choose whether you wanted to
> use the replay tuner, or tune with a browser with each
> individual show instead of going into the settings and
> changing from the replay tuner settings.
>   Gary Schindler
>   Shaler PA

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