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  • From: Pam Drake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 23:46:36 -0700

I noticed that after trying to be so careful to include all points in the below problem description I forgot to mention that until last week when Dave decided to seek help from a friend for the problem I had assumed a full system lockup and therefore had always re-booted the computer when I could not hear any sound from either screen access program or audio stream. After deciding not to re-boot, but rather allow the system to recover by itself I was playing a cd one day and noticed the problem. When I pressed the eject button on the cd player I noticed the sound returned and all went back to normal. At that time Replay was loaded but not capturing a stream. This last development makes me sure there is some sort of conflict with the sound card whether or not Replay is involved.

Ok, in case this last detail is important, there it is.

Thanks again for all suggestions.

Pam Drake

At 09:36 PM 4/18/2010, you wrote:
I have a question and am looking at a possible solution for this problem.

I have noticed that when I am seriously multi-tasking while running Replay AV Version 8.76 the following occurs: I find that as I am listening to an audio stream while recording it or another stream the sound card will often start struggling, skipping, and repeating, then the sound will stop completely. I am running Triple Talk PCi. This will also stop functioning so as to make me believe the computer has locked up.

This has been occurring intermittently for several weeks. Last week I was away from the house while Dave was listening to a show I was recording for my own future enjoyment. When the supposed lockup occurred he decided to call a sighted friend and discuss it with him. As he was calling our friend and even considering whether to try to connect to my computer with System Access in an attempt to try to figure out the problem, the stream suddenly began to play and the speech came back to life. This has happened when running both Window-Eyes 7.1 and JAWSVersion 10.0.1154. .

Our friend came to the house and could not perceive anything on the screen. He uploaded a program called Process Explorer by Sys Internals. I have been running this program in an attempt to figure out what may be happening; but I have yet called our friend for help in deciphering the out put of the program, and now I am wondering whether the problem is caused by a conflict between Replay, the sound card, Eudora in sponsored mode and the screen access or a combination of any of the above. I find that when I am typing e-mails under these conditions I am likely to experience this glitch but I don't have to be typing; and frankly can't remember whether Eudora has always been running at the time of the partial lockup. It seems though in most cases Replay has been running when the problem occurs. Upon testing the files I find that the recordings are captured but there are large gaps and two files are created as name 1 and name_2. They play as a unit but there is a gap in data. This has been the case with the recorded shows I have tested thus far.

I would be interested in knowing whether anyone has had a problem with Replay conflicting with other software. I also plan to update the program and see if that makes a difference.

I appreciate any suggestions.  This sure is frustrating!  .
I will try to answer any questions about this issue but I have tried to include everything I know about it.

Thanks a million for any help.


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