Re: where to get pod safe music

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Hi Steve,

How do you get the "listen" link to work? It seems to be completely invisible to JAWS. Have you found another way to get these important features on PMN to work?

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I had a lot of trouble getting around in but I signed up
with last week and their site is pretty cool.  I
successfully played songs and add some to my podcaster's playlist and
even download one of them so far.

Don't let the evil visual verification thing scare you away as it comes
in a link inserted in an e-mail.  I just replied to the e-mail
containing that link and requested that the link be activated.  C. C.
Chapman replied himself within a couple days and it's all good now.  I
got that e-mail verification thingy last Sunday, replied that night and
had an answer by Tuesday night so I didn't think the wait was too bad.
I know, it would be better not to have it at all but at least he
responds.  Can't say the same for Yahoo's VV scheme.  I *NEVER* got any
replies from Yahoo's customer service when I raised similar concerns.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2005 at 04:32:11PM -0400, Rich Cavallaro wrote:
Hey all:I wish to play some pod safe music on my podcast.
Where can that be obtained?
Rich Cavallaro
Check out my podcast at
or just add
to your pod catching client
check out my live journal at
skype richcav
aim: misterchip1014
msn/windows messenger/email: richcav@xxxxxxxxxxx or richcav@xxxxxxxxx

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