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Greetings Guys!  Where would one purchase one of these Plextalk
Thanks in Advance!  Sly!
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> Hello, Robert,
> I like the Plextalk very much also.  It talks you through everything 
> and
> is not that huge in size, has its own built in speaker, etc.  If I
> podcasting, that is what I would use.  I want something that can talk
> through everything that I am doing.  I take the Plextalk to church and

> record services, including worship services and sermins, and they come
> really well.  The machine does almost everything.  It's great!  Beats
> the others to smiherines  NOthing like it that I know of.  Hurrah for 
> Plextalk!
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>> Hi,
>> I have done a few podcasts for Blind Cool Tech recording with the
>> Plextalk. It works very well for me.
>> Robert Carter
>> At 07:33 AM 10/11/2005, you wrote:
>>>There's been lots of disgussion about the iriver and other small
>>>digital recorders, and they're all cool, but I was wondering what the
>>>thoughts out there were on how good of a recorder is the plextalk. It
>>>designed for daisy books but it can record in both mp3 and wav, you
>>>stereo mics with a mic pre-amp, so it has potential.

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