RE: using pc-based pro tools with jaws?

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  • Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 21:22:20 -0500

Hi.  You can contact me off list at Cameron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pro tools is not accessible on the pc.  Your best bet is to use sonar
five producer edition with the cake talking scripts from dancing dots. <> 
You'll need a second sound card/interface, one for your jaws speech
output and the second for your Sonar audio output.
I can give you more details if you contact me off list.
Cameron. <> 
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Subject: using pc-based pro tools with jaws?
            Hello everyone
I am new to this list, so apolligys in advance if these questions have
been posed previouslly. 
I'd like to start using the pc-version  of pro-tools if possible.
However, I've heard that it is not that accessible when used with screen
readers like jaws for windows. . Can anyone please tell me if this is
correct, or if I will be able to use at least some of the functions? 
I've not used pro tools before, so i'd also very much like  to know if
I'll need some kind of special sound card in order to make it run
properlly on my pc? 
My previous sound editing experiences I've got by working a great deal
with the Logic editing software. 
I do hope to hear from someone. 
Kind regards from allan
a sound engineer from denmark

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