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When you install Juice it will definitely bring your subscriptions alont with it.
At 05:23 PM 2/19/2006, Mika Pyyhkala wrote:


When you upgrade from Ipodder to Juice it may transfer them for you.

But to play it safe, in Ipodder,
Go under
File Menu
Then select
Export Feeds As OPML

An OPML file is a special kind of file that lists rss subscription feeds.

Then when you install Juice, if needed, go to File Menu and select
Import Feeds From OPML
And you will have all your subscriptions back.

Incidentally you can also send anyone or post your OPML file in order to
share your subscribed feeds with friends, etc.

I'm sure there are other snazy uses of OPML files but I am not sure exactly
how to go beyond the basics with it.


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Well, I am on the late show. I have been successfully using iPodder but want
to switch to Juice. Is there a easy way of transferring my list of
I haven't installed Juice yet.

John Gassman
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