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I know this has been covered before but can you use Total Recorder to record 
Skype phone calls using a Plantronics USB Headset?

I apologize for bringing this up again but I didn't have Skype or the headset 
so prior posts on this topic didn't apply to me. My, a few months can make a 

Thanks,  Chuck

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  Hi Scott,

  Make sure that in the volume control that the boosting of sound is checked.  

  It will be found in the recording tab in the microphone properties.  
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    Hi everyone,
        I've recently been asked to do some recordings in a few weeks using 
total recorder, but I'm having some problems. The only microphone I have is my 
set of Sound Professionals in the ear stereo microphones that I use on my 
Iriver. The only thing I can seem to get is JAWS or things coming through the 
speakers. My microphone is hooked into the proper jack on my laptop, but the 
recordings sound lousy and I can't get anything other than the computer. Does 
anyone have any suggestions? I've even tried using the auto recording level 
button to see if that helped.

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