simple podcaster V1.0

  • From: "Shannon Reece" <bookworm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 15:20:59 -0700

Hi all,
Here's something some of you might be interested in.
If you've got web space on a server running PHP4 and above, and if you are
using a third party such as feedburner or WordPress or Gcast to store or
manage your podcasts, you might want to look at SimplePodcaster.
This is a php script that you install in the directory where your podcasts
are stored, if you use your web space to store the files.
produced the script and trust me, it works.  Here's what the genius behind (I am highly biased) says about it.
Simple Podcaster

This script will podcast any mp3 file it finds in its directory. It will use
the filename (without the .mp3 file extension) as the title of the podcast
item, replacing the underscore characters with spaces. It will use the date
of the file as the publication date.
If a file by the same name with a .txt extension exists in the directory,
its contents will be used as the description of the item.
Trust me, this works. There are two lines in the script, (and it is easy to
se where these lines are), where the title of the podcast and a description
are put by the owner of the podcast.  After you do this, simply install the
script in the directory where your podcast files are stored and it will
The address for an existing ppodcast will change if you use this script.
For instance, if I used WordPress to give Juice or any podcatcher the
address to look for podcasts, the address was something like: or something similar.
Now, because I am using the simple podcaster, the address is:
i.e., my web site address followed by the name of the directory where I keep
my podcast files.
I don't understand how php works, but in the script lines there are mentions
of xml and rss so I think he's got everything covered.  I tried it using
Juice and it found all eight of my podcasts, bad as they are. :)
The script isn't free, but the cost is minimal for the hair it will save you
pulling out if you try to figure out the third party's way of doing things.
(I am biased I know.)
If Jeff had written it earlier I wouldn't have so much grey hair! :)
To read about it and possibly purchase it, if you are not an existing customer,
If you are an existing customer, you can purchase it from the
link on your overview page once you've logged into your account.
This is the greatest thing since M&Ms.

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