shane's rants and podcast number 15 is fiinally ready for your listening plesure!

  • From: Shane Davidson <shane@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:08:22 -0400

Good evening fellow casters.
It's my plesure to tell you that podcast 15 is now ready for your listening plesure!
It's the longest cast I've done to date, rounding out at a wapping 109Megs in size, and a totalrunning time of 159 minutes and 44 seconds.
We walk to school, visit the source by circuit city to attempt to replace the portable phone I bought 2 month's ago, then head to the mall, on the way, as I was geting out of the van, I drop my recorder, and you get to hear me trry to find it.
Once at the mall, we head to circuit city to get the phone, thjat I just got replaced the previous day, replaced again because it still wasn't working and I was getting interfeerence, stupid 900MHZ phones.. While in circuit city, the guy is so nice, he bends the rules a bit to get me the portable phone I have today.
While at the mall, we go into music world, where I set off the alarm because my replacement phone from the source wasn't demagnitized because of it being a replacement, and he never scanned it before giving it to me.
For all that and whatever else is in that cast, put the following into your podcatcher.
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