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I don't see anything in Skype that would allow you to record.
I would assume you can have Sound Forge or whatever sound editor open during a call and record it. But a couple of days ago I was looking at a web page of a podcaster and he claimed that he had discovered how to record with skype.
I don't understand what he was suggesting or even if it is accessible with my screen reader JAWS but I'll place his remarks here and the web page if you want to take a look.
December 18, 2004

Recording Skype Calls

I figured out how to record Skype calls. I've seen a lot of confusion on this so hopefully this will help someone else. If nothing else, this will serve
to remind me later when I forget what i did.

Basically, I started with the information from
Engadget's Podcasting Article
as a starting point.

Using the tools they specify, I set the following:

System Preferences Settings: Sound input: Soundflower (2ch), Sound output: Headphones.

Line In: Input Device: iMic USB audio (my sound input port is dead so I use an iMic), Output: Soundflower (2ch).

Skype: Audio Input and Output: Soundflower (2ch)

Audio Hijack Pro: Created a new entry in the left panel called "Skype Conversation" and set it to hijack an audio device as follows: Input: Soundflower
(2ch), Output: Built-in Audio, Headphones.

Once all of that was set, I was able to place a Skypeout call to my home phone and was able to record it (and hear myself at the same time :)

Special thanks to
this site
which, while in Italian, had enough pictures for me to figure out what to do.

For a screen shot of all of the various settings windows at once,
see this screen snapshot.
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