Re: reading shownotes in iPodder or PPR

  • From: Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:38:48 -0700

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Frankly, I don't know what PPR is:).  As for viewing shownotes and
hearing audio with the same client, I thought Ipodder had such a
feature; I could be wrong on this though.  I've tended to go with
duplicate entries in a podcatcher and an RSS reader or even blog lines
but it gets to be quite a chore to keep all these feeds in synch.  I
like the podcatcher to download my material whether I want it or not
because it is automatic and I don't have to sit around and wait for
programs to download.  They come down while I'm at work or assleep or
both and it's there waiting for me to listen when I'm ready.  I haven't
followed shownotes much so that might be why I prefer this way but the
whole concept of RSS for audio content is to automate the downloading of
the files and listen from there.  That's why I like it when the talking
podcasts briefly outline what they are going to cover that time and if
I'm not interested, I can quit out and delete the file to free up my
machine's space.  The down-fall to the way I'm doing things is my
machine is gradually filling up and I actually ran out of disk space
several times:).  You should have seen my computer after I came back
home from a week long trip to the mountains:).  My computer was 100%
full and several shows failed to download due to space.  I was afraid I
would miss something so I sat down and spent the entire weekend
listening to past episodes to catch up, clear out, and make room for the
remaining stuff to get in.  See how addicting these podcasts are:)?

I've thought about rigging up my linux podcatcher client to provide
linkage to my web browser from the RSS feed so I could have exactly what
you're asking for.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 03:15:32PM -0400, Jennifer Sutton wrote:
> Hi all:
> Is it possible to read text-based shownotes in iPodder?
> If so, how?
> Can you click through the links that are in shownotes and make your browser 
> of choice launch? In other words, is there an integrated browser?
> Or is everyone keeping double entries in their blog-reader of choice, or 
> just going onto a Web site, after a podcast, if they want to find something?
> I'm not keen to keep double entries, but I am also keen to switch to 
> iPodder.  Downloading enclosures manually has definitely got to get off my 
> "todo" list, but I actually do like to read shownotes first and decide 
> whether I want to download a show.
> What about PPR?  Is anyone still using it, or has everyone abandoned it for 
> iPodder?
> Thanks and sorry for all of the questions.
> Best,
> Jennifer
> who still likes text!

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