Re: questions about Skype.

  • From: "John Moore" <coasterfreak88@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 23:55:16 -0500

I have no paid Skype services. High Speed Conferencing and the Skype
conference call feature are free to all users. Yes, you can talk with
a contact and a person on the phone at the same tine, but you need a
High Speed Conferencing number for that. To get one, go to There you will find all the info
you need.

On 9/14/06, John Gasman <jjgassman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you are talking to one of your contacts on the computer, can you
also conference with  someone on the telephone?
At 08:52 PM 9/14/2006, John Moore wrote:
>Yes you can do three-way calling. You can make conference calls for up
>to 5 people with Skype. In addition, you can do what I did and get an
>account over at High Speed Conferencing. They offer free conference
>numbers to Skype users and you can get up to 500 people on one call.
>Also, to dial the number, just push the number in your number row on
>the top of the keyboard. When it says press 1, just press 1, etc. Hope
>this helps.
>On 9/14/06, Kevin Wassmer <commanderlumpy2003@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Hello folks. I have some questions about Skype. First, if I call a number,
>>and I have to enter something such as my account number, or a pen number,
>>How do I do that on Skype. I can call a number. But I don't know how to do
>>something such as press one, or something like that. I was also wondering
>>I could do three way calling over Skype. I will talk to you later.
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