premier CD/DVD Creator?

  • From: "Sabrena and/or Chris" <sabrenar00@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 23:32:53 -0700

I remember seeing a post on some list, I think it was this one, asking about 
some CD burning software that Independent Living Aids sells, but it wasn't 
named. I went there, and as I thought, it's the Premier CD/DVD Creator 
software, which I happen to have. It is quite accessible and 
speech-friendly, just as it's supposed to be. The only things I haven't done 
on it yet are creating data DVDs and burning stuff on CDRW's. It works just 
fine for me, although there are a few  things I don't like about it. In the 
CD ripping function, you have to manually create a folder for your files if 
you want to make a special one for a given album, and it will not 
automatically number the files. With the Audio CD burning function, you can 
have it burn a CD either with little gaps between tracks or supposedly if 
your original CD has one track lead right into another, it can make your CD 
that way if you set it to do so. I forget what their terminology for this 
function is. However, even though I set it up to burn the CD without 
inserting a little gap between tracks, it still does this, which is 
bothersome. The manual for this thing is quite readable and not written too 
technically, and the software uses very standard Windows controls so you 
shouldn't avhe a problem using it.


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