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Lino and Michael, I use specificly Email to post to the "AllThingsILATech"
blog, which you can find at:

I believe that emailing my post is the easiest and most effective way and is
in my opinion accessible

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I use Blogger and what I usually do is to compose the posts in Word Pad,
including the HTML codes and then cut and paste that into the "body" field
of the post in Blogger.  It is difficult to use the links provided by
Blogger for editing.

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>>> lino0876@xxxxxxxxx 12/26/07 11:19PM >>>
Hi folks,
Have any of experienced posting using Blogger? For some weird reason JFW
will not click on the mouse over links to compose. I tried to use CTRL plus
insert plus enter and no go. My wife and I have to email our postings. This
is really weird. Your bro in Christ.
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