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  • From: Richard Claypool <bellevue.bat@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:02:15 -0400

I'm really going to play with this wordpress thingy. It's supposed to be itunes compatible, and allow for different podcasts to be handled through one thingy, but that sounds confusing.

I have to reformat my machine, and my windows disk just came today. Until that happens I'm not starting any new projects. It might take me five minutes to figure out the plugin, or 15 hours.

The last time I looked at any programing that was 9 years ago and in dos and linux under c. I never was very good at it even then.


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Rick asked:
ok, then how do I get the feed://
from the beginning of my rss feed? The idea is that someone could just
right click and paste that link into their podcatcher.
I agree Rick, but I can't get it out of mine either. What you could do is
post a link on your blog's front page that says something like:
To subscribe to the greatest podcast on earth, please paste the following
address into your podcatcher.
Then, as I understand the html rules, you can simply write out the address.
If you don't tag it with html tags it won't look like a link so people can
copy and paste or spell through it or however to get the addy to paste into
their podcatcher.
I'd love to get the feed:= off of mine too, but I can't figure a way to fix
I like WordPresss, but it ain't the easiest thing I could have done.

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