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Julie has a good point. I'd rather have a podcast that's personal and 
expresses one individual's interests or personal point of view rather than a 
podcast that seeks to just pander to what's popular. I honestly can't say 
that I'd like to see somebody podcast about this or that subject because for 
all I know, somebody out there is already doing it. Be yourself, express 
your opinions without apologizing for having them, relax, do your thing, and 
go with what you are passionate about, even if it may not interest bunches 
of people.


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In podcasting, I've found that the best podcasts are those made by people
passionate about their topic, whether otehrs are covering it or not.  if you
only try to pleas others, you will likely not please yourself or anyone
else.  My advice would be to think about what you would like to do and be
able to pull off well and not make a podcast for the sake of podcasting.
Just my two cents' worth.

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> Hi!
> I am thinking about possibly starting up a podcast, but not sure exactly
> what kinds of content people are looking for. If there's a certain type of
> podcast you'd like to see, or if you feel that there's a certain topic or
> set of topics that should be covered more in various podcasts, let me know
> so I can have some suggestions for starting one that people will want to
> hear.
> All the best,
> Djd
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