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Yes, Sound Forge has an equalizer, and I use it  to add a few suttle highs 
and make my voice a little clearer.  I also use compression and 
normalization, though it's important not to overuse those.  I add just a 
little reverb too.  Some of the effects you use depend on your voice and the 
environment in which you recorded.  I would think you wouldn't want many 
effects on soundseeing tours because you want to catch more of the live 

Just my two cents worth for free.

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> I was listening to the digital media experiment how to podcast series, and
> in chapter 9 Mike talked about some effects you can use to improve the 
> sound
> of your podcast. Do any podcasters out there do any of that? Where do you
> get the effects from. I know soundforge has an equalizer, though haven't 
> had
> experience with it, just wondering what some of the thought out there is.

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