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Well, might be some tedious work but seems logical to me and worth while
for the artists to know who is playing there stuff and when.  Show notes
are a lot of work to me:).  That comes from a computer programmer who
finds commenting and documenting program code to be lots of work:).

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 05:52:25PM -0500, Debbie Hazelton wrote:
> Eeeiillkkkksounds like waaaay too much work.  Glad I found Andre Lewis,
> thanks to Shane Jackson.
> Debbie Hazelton
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> Yes, you do have to add to a play list first and then you can download them
> to your hard drive; after downloaded, you can splice them into your show or
> play them through a mixer or whatever.  Then you need to go to the playlist
> and select the report option.  this reports to the original artist that you
> played his/her tune on a particular show episode.  This last step is
> actually quite accessible.  You then get referred to a "shownotes friendly
> link that you can paste into your shownotes.  This will give your show
> listeners direct trackable links to the artist's home page.
> The hardest part are those bloomin' graphic buttons used to play the tune or
> add to playlist.  Frankly, once the add to playlist button is pushed, the
> process becomes quite accessible.  It brings up a dialog with the track
> artist and title; if that's the one you want, just hit enter on the button
> that completes it.  I should also hasten to tell you that once your track is
> "reported as played," it drops off your playlist and the only access to it
> after that would be in your history area or retrieving it again from the
> main catalog.  I'm not quite sure why that do it this way but I guess they
> want some way to force podcasters to report it again.  Though I would think
> there could be a more efficient way to do this.  But that's probably a
> discussion for another day.
> On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 03:04:39PM -0500, Rich Cavallaro wrote:
> > Hi all:
> > Am I correct in saying that the pod safe music network has some
> accessibility issues?
> > I can search for a song but every time I click the add to my playlist link
> it doesn't seem to work.
> > Is there something I am doing wrong here?
> > As I understand it you have to add the song to your playlist before you
> can download it.
> > Is that correct?
> > 
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