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Yes, you can pull up an entire list of artists either by genre or the
entire list.  Each page comes up with (I think) fifteen items and then
you then have to press the next link to get that many more.  The only
hard part but doable after a fashion is the two graphic buttons to play
a tune and to add item to playlist.  that's the thing we've discussed
before on this list and what I stumbled around with on my recent podcast
at or you can subscribe at for the whole picture or should
I say whole sound:).

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 12:53:06PM -0500, Stephen Guerra wrote:
> Steve, is it easy enough to find the music and download it
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> Yes, you do have to add to a play list first and then you can download
> them to your hard drive; after downloaded, you can splice them into your
> show or play them through a mixer or whatever.  Then you need to go to
> the playlist and select the report option.  this reports to the original
> artist that you played his/her tune on a particular show episode.  This
> last step is actually quite accessible.  You then get referred to a
> "shownotes friendly link that you can paste into your shownotes.  This
> will give your show listeners direct trackable links to the artist's
> home page.
> The hardest part are those bloomin' graphic buttons used to play the
> tune or add to playlist.  Frankly, once the add to playlist button is
> pushed, the process becomes quite accessible.  It brings up a dialog
> with the track artist and title; if that's the one you want, just hit
> enter on the button that completes it.  I should also hasten to tell you
> that once your track is "reported as played," it drops off your playlist
> and the only access to it after that would be in your history area or
> retrieving it again from the main catalog.  I'm not quite sure why that
> do it this way but I guess they want some way to force podcasters to
> report it again.  Though I would think there could be a more efficient
> way to do this.  But that's probably a discussion for another day.
> On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 03:04:39PM -0500, Rich Cavallaro wrote:
> > Hi all:
> > Am I correct in saying that the pod safe music network has some 
> > accessibility issues? I can search for a song but every time I click 
> > the add to my playlist link it doesn't seem to work. Is there 
> > something I am doing wrong here? As I understand it you have to add 
> > the song to your playlist before you can download it. Is that correct?
> > 
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