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  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 07:58:57 -0800

Now that FS has released a fix, let's hope we won't have to worry about this again.
But if ithappens again, here's how you can use a Sappi synthesizer and also delete large chunks of messages in eudora.

I don't know if this will work with Windows ME and I also don't know about JAWS 4.0.
I know it works with 5.0 and Windows XP computers.

With JAWS open and your email open, hit the keystrokes insert control s
this will bring up a list of synthesizers installed on your computer. If eloquence is your drfault synthesizer, it will come up first, arrow down and you'll hear no speech and sappi. Hit enter on Sapi and narator will begin speaking.
You can then use it to read messages onthis list as well as Blind Cool Tech which is the other list currently having this childish problem.
After finding one of the Eloquence crashing emails with Narrator, route your JAWS cursor to PC.
Then use insert right arrow till you come to any word in the subject line, at that point do an alt left mouse click and hit the delete key.
If there are over fifty messages scheduled to be deleted, you'll get a message asking if you really want to delete these message. Say yes and they are gone!
This works in Eudora. I don't know if you can delete them in the same way with other email cliants.
I know Outlook Express has a feature which will allow you to delete by subject, thread, sender and so on.
I hope this helps!
At 10:12 PM 3/29/2006, you wrote:

Hi all.

Can whoever the person who's using Eudora tell me how to get rid of these extra messages that lock up JFW? I think I came to some and I couldn't even delete them. It locked up my jfw totally and I ended up having to restart it in order to get back into Eudora, and when I came to a message I'm assuming is from this person it'd lock up again. I finally just had to hit page up until I assume I ended up getting above the messages that freeze up JFW. Any help would be much appreciated ... thanks all.


At 04:25 PM 3/29/2006, Chris Judge wrote:
I had to delete all my email messages as well.
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Hi I totally  agree, but when I tried to delete the offending message, it
would not go until I selected all of my messages.

Also, can you tell me what other synthesizers are available and where from?

If some one could help me then I would be most grateful.

In the meantime I would like to thank Geoff for contacting freedom
scientific also.

I am sure that I can say on behalf of every one that we are very very
grateful for your help.

Christopher Huby

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hi folks

But that is the thing, it was *not!* from Jeff bishop.  We have an
impersonator in our midst.
I spoke to Jeff about this privately and he is not happy let me tell you.
Just be on the lookout, and if at all possible, do not use eloquence as your
synthesizer while reading e-mail. there are alternative synthesizers which
can be used.
Most of all, if this person sends more messages, do not, i repeat, do not!
reply to them or act on them.  Simply delete the message and move on.  He is
looking for a reaction so please don't give it to him.

At 01:55 PM 3/29/2006, you wrote:
Someone impersonating Jeff sent that message to the list. It contained
a string of characters that causes eloquence to crash.

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> Hi all. > > By screen readers locking up, does that mean that when you enter on > a message it won't read? Gary's message about it happening with one > of Jeff's messages made me remember that happened to me last night, > but it didn't register that I might be having the problem everyone's > been talking about. I think the subject line had something about > Keasling in it, and I wanted to read it to find out what on earth he > was talking about, but when I hit enter on the message my Jaws froze > up and I had to restart it, so I ended up having to just delete the
message without reading it.
> MissWings
> At 10:41 AM 3/29/2006, Gary Wood wrote:
> >I found this happening with me, when I tried to read something from
> >Jeff Bishop!
> >----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Judge"
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> >Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 10:48 PM
> >Subject: Re: not this again!!!
> >
> >
> >>no it isn't nice at all, it happened to me twice tonight. If I
> >>could catch the prick I'd personally remove there nuts with an
> >>extremely dull finger nail file.
> >>
> >>----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Skarstad"
> >>To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >>Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 11:39 PM
> >>Subject: not this again!!!
> >>
> >>
> >>>Aparently, we have someone on the list who thought it would be
> >>>cute to crash people's screenreaders.  Not nice!
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
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