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One or two things. Not sure about everyone else, but I got the HTML
you tried to use. Also, if you would plesae put in a subject, it would
be appreciated.

On 7/11/08, Jared Rimer <jrimer2002@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
>     Don't know how this will come out, but podcast 9 is now out on
> Here are the show notes.
> Hello everyone and welcome to Podcast 9 of the podcast, I'm Jared Rimer with
> John Field.  With this podcast, we have started a new segment called profile
> only.  We also will start marking more clearly the suspects, missing
> persons, and missing children.  Here is everyone we have covered during
> podcast 9.  The file is 100.3mb and is 109 minutes in length.
> <ol>
> <li> <a href="";>Hazel Leota
> Head  (fugitive) </a> </li>
> <li> <a href="";>Leslie
> Marva Adams  (missing person) </a> </li>
> <li> <a href="";>Marc Clifton
> Bryant (fugitive) </a> </li>
> <li> <a href="";>Unknown Heavy
> D Bank Robber (fugitive profile only!) </a> </li>
> <li> <a href="";>Unknown
> Phillip Bailey Killer (fugitive profile only!) </a> </li>
> <li> <a
> href="";>Samantha Kibalo
> (missing child) </a> </li>
> <li> <a href="";>Unknown
> Interstate Bank Bandits (fugitive) </a> </li>
> </ol>
> That's it.  We hope you enjoy the podcast, and please report your tips on
> line.
> Jared Rimer
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> to check it out!

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