mp3 player ponderings.

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Hey folks. I'm now at a point where  I'm ready to buy an mp3 player. I pretty 
much know what I'm looking for, but am finding some problems with making the 
right decision. Maybe you guys have a suggestion I haven't yet thought of. 
Below is my ponderings.

Firstly, I was  trying to decide whether or not I wanted a device that was an 
all in 1 player/recorder. Go with a player with a huge hard drive as well as a 
quality stereo line input, or get a killer large capacity player, then buy one 
of the many popular high quality flash recorders. I was pointed to an excelent 
all in 1, which was the iRiver h140. It could run rockbox, which would add the 
needed accessibility. In searching them on line, I couldn't find anywhere to 
purchase it. After posting to the lists, I was told that these players were 
discontinued, and the nmewer iRivers pretty much sucked as recorders. So here's 
the question. Is the iRiver h140 the best in it's class, or is there something 
else that is rockboxable, large capacity, and with the ability to record in 
stereo at high quality? I know that rockbox  can be put on an iPod, but iPods 
can't record natively, and I don't like the idea of not being able to just use 
windows explorer to drag files on and off. If anyone has any ideas on a product 
that I'm not thinking of, let me know. It's greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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