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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 14:39:20 -0700

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Well, I don't know how experienced you are at administering things but
you can install Word Press through your cpanel account and specify what
directory to install it in.  If you do this, your blog space would be
publically addressible as your domain name followed by /directory.
Example: I installed WP on my /blogs directory so my blog is accessible
from and then Include my podcast
program files as href links inside the respective blog entry postings.

If you aren't confortable setting up Word Press and selecting its
options, then go ahead and use your live jeournal account and use that
to point to your audio content.  In either case, your audio content
needs to be uploaded to a standard directory accessible via standard
http links.

Hope this helps better.

On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 12:48:41PM -0800, Jared Rimer wrote:
> Hi all,
>         So I['ve been thinking about how I was to do this.  Someone, 
> I think it was Jeff said that I would need an RSS feed of some sort 
> like live journal or something.  Now, nothing is on 
> which I use for helpers of the project I 
> work for called Code Amber and I have an idea for a podcast for the 
> project.  I see in Cpannel this word press.  Do I install it on 
> on its main directory?  I also want to put it up on 
> the web as well.  Maybe I'm confused and don't know what I'm 
> doing?  I do have a live journal 
> if that helps.
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