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  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 09:01:40 +0100

Hi Chris and all,
Some one suggested putting the foul word that crashes jaws in to the
dictionary and putting the replacement word as something else, unfortunately
this doesn't work, I did that and then came back in to the inbox, and came
across the same problem again.
In that jaws still crashes when it comes across one of the fowl messages.
Hope that this helps.

Christopher Huby


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I'm using jaws seven, and mine crashed last night as well. I have fixed the
problem in the dictionary, and even purposely crashed eloquence the first
time to make sure it was right. Problem solved, for now, until the next one.

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Subject: more info please read Re: the C word is back

I was using jaws 7,
someone said that the problem was fixed in version 7, so I wondered why did
I crash?
so I figured out
it is another set of characters.
I will spell it with spaces inbetween the words.
h  ' v e
that is spelled h aposterfy VE
that was the first word in the subject of the email.
to fix this problem,
press ctrl+D
then press ctrl+shift+D
now press alt+A
type in the bad word
but make sure you are not using elequence
or set echo to none by useing insert+2 on the top number row.
after typing the bad word, tab to the replacement word and type the word
then tab to the OK button
press ctrl+S to save and exit

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basically you press insert D to get to dictionary manager, and then press
control shift d to bring up the default dictionary.  Now press alt a to type
in the word and then tab to type in the replacement.  You might want to make
sure that your echos are set to none.  Do this by pressing insert and the
number 2 on the keyboard, not the key pad, until it says none.  When you
have typed in the bad word, and it's replacement pronunciation, then tab to
ok and hit enter on it.  Save and close, and you should be as good as new.
Something else you could do, is upgrade to jaws 7, where this issue has been
fixed.  hth 
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Subject: the C word is back

someone thought it would be funny to crash jaws using the  c a e s u r e
I cant remember the fix for it. it was something to do with the dictionary

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