making the Levelator accessible -- what's the scoop

  • From: Jennifer Sutton <jensutton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 10:48:27 -0700

Hello, Blindcasters:

So, I saw a note on Dean's Top Tech Tidbits about making the Levelator accessible, but I've not seen anything on this list which seems a little odd to me.

I also checked Blind Access Journal, and I didn't see anything on there. Did I miss it? If so, how a bout a link?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to listen to Main Menu all the time, where I presume this may have been discussed, so can anyone fill this group in on this project?

I should think it deserves wider exposure (such as maybe only being demoed on MainMenu -- if it has been -- and perhaps down the road on BCT), especially for Doug and the crew, rather than just in the blindness community. It might, for example, make a good story to illustrate that thinking about access, from the get-go, is easier than adding it in later.

I presume this is a Darrell (and perhaps Jeff) project, so thanks, guys, for what you're doing. But can we open this up a bit, to have a few more Beta testers if others besides me are interested, but uninformed? What about folks who use the Mac and Linux with assistive technology?


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