Re: links to the first 7 shane's rants podcasts are up

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I have never had that problem in fact, I downloaded those 7 but haven't had a chance to listen to them as of yet. GBut when it was open, I could hit it and it works. I have my own ready for people to download at and and it's waiting in cue. The only other way is to quit Juice and enter again and if checking when started is checked, should do wo. Have a good evening.

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Hi all! I found that with the Juice receiver, I can't add any podcasts that didn't download! I used to press the f5 key when I settled on a podcast that I haven't download, but I don't think I can do that any more. What do I do?
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Hey all'
I've just put up links to the first 7 shane's rants casts, so go get em!
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P.S. ignore the comment line info in the first 9 casts, as it's out of date

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