[Blind Casting] Re: how to redownload a podcast

  • From: "Sabrena and/or Chris" <sabrenar00@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 22:15:52 -0700

Only way I know is to physically go into the folder where the podcasts are 
downloaded, find the subfolder for your particular podcast, and delete the 
actual file. Then go back into Ipodder and go to the subscriptions tab and 
navigate to the particular podcast. Look at the episode you want and check 
its status. If it says Skipped/removed, just hit space bar so it's checked 
to download. Then to into your tools menu and hit the Check selected option 
and you should be able to grab a hopefully complete file. HTH


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Subject: [Blind Casting] how to redownload a podcast

I have a podcast that shows to be downloaded, but for some reason
didn't complete, how do i remove it and redownload it? thanks.

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