RE: how to podcast: some random tutorials and references

  • From: Jennifer Sutton <jensutton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:00:04 -0500

Julie, Darrell, and others following this thread:

Julie, right you are about Podcast 411. I meant to include this because, in some ways, it may be the best place to start. I was trying to pick some things that haven't been cited on this list many time already and forgot about the most obvious.

In my view, podcasting for blind folks is not much different than podcasting for sighted people, and my surfing of the Web reveals to me that collections of resources are being collected time and time and time again. So, there's a-plenty to choose from if you just spend ten minutes looking.

The Frequently Asked Questions on Blind Cool Tech also has a couple of things that some may find of interest, including a link to RSS resources.

Darrell, I'm certainly familiar with the Digital Media Cast Experiment, but I think folks looking for how-to-podcast info already said they'd listened to it, and they were not finding what they needed. It may be worth looking at Michael's Web site, though, in case he has some supplemental resources posted on his Web site. I think Michael's show is great, but he does assume a base of technical knowledge, in my view, that it seems that some on the list may not have, even while others of us do.


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