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Hey Jennifer,

Michael Carrino's Digital Mediacast Experiment is also great. He ran a series on How to Podcast. Check him out at and enjoy.

I also did an informal Juice Receiver tutorial available at for all your enjoyment for what it may be worth.

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Mike and others who may be interested:

I'm not sure whether your response was meant to be sarcastic, so if I've offended you, let me just list a bunch of sites that I've found in my own studying of how to set up podcasts. Also, before I just toss out a bunch of links, I wonder whether this list has an archives since this topic has been discussed many many times.

Okay, here are your links. Hope you find a tutorial that works for you. These are in no particular order. I also wouldn't say this list is vetted. I just grabbed a handful of resources since there are, basically, a ton out there. Note that if any of this is blatant advertising, I apologize in advance. It's all meant to be informational.

Making An RSS Feed:

How to Podcast:

Why not go here:

and skim down to the heading (at level 2) called:
External links

There are lots of links in that list of 19 items there (list 5 on the page).

K7 Unified Messaging, free Fax and voicemail to email:
[people who are just getting started might need this.]

12 Ways to Promote Your Podcast:

Hope you do a podcast, Mike, and that you'll benefit from the time I spent pulling out links from my own filed archives of information.
Best to all,

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thanks a whole lot.

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