Re: here's my rss adres what's the problem?

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 21:43:46 -0700

Wordpress does this by default if the file is linked as a link in the entry in WordPress. WordPress was complaining for me when I hosted it at but I hosted them at,,, and with no problems. Just make sure they are linked.

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Rick, the actual feed seems to be working - I've got it installed in my Accessible Podcatcher, and it connects fine. I reckon Shelly has it right - there aren't any episodes in the podcast, so somewhere along the line you need to make sure there are audio files within enclosure tags. Sorry, I don't know how you do this in Wordpress.

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I tried that that night, and didn't work in juice.  will try it again.

maybe I put on an xml at the end.
I was out all day yesterday.


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