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Amen to that.


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I find that as I get older, I'm having to learn patience, more and more, 
especially with this computer related stuff!
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> I didn't recall the ctrl-J key sequence for sure but I do know that if
> you position the file at the end of the file and drop your start marker
> at the end of the file or at that point where you stop recording, then
> you can start recording and it will pick up at that point.  Recall that
> the start and end markers are placed by pressing left and right bracket
> keys respectively (that is [ and ] respectively).  *IMPORTANT* after
> your updated recording, be sure and do a ctrl-A to select the entire
> recording space; otherwise, you might whipe out the first portions when
> you do subsequent editing.  I've been there and done that:).  Once I did
> a nice podcast for oh maybe 20 to 30 minutes or so and then I did a bit
> of last minute tweaking and then I forgot to do a ctrl-A and then saved
> out my work and ended up with a wapping five seconds of show and the
> rest was all gone!  After all that I was so pissed, I hung it up on the
> shelf for another week and then came back to make it all good.  So I
> always make liberal use of the ctrl-A key to select the entire recording
> before any saves and such.
> All and all, I think GoldWave is an excellent editor and especially for
> the price.
> On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 05:48:54PM -0700, Jared Rimer wrote:
>> That's a goldwave specific keystroke and it works with
>> Window-Eyes.  It won't say anything, but it'll place the marker at
>> the end of the file.  The beginning marker will be placed at the
>> end.  I use it all the time.
>> At 05:38 PM 4/4/2006, you wrote:
>> >if that's a scripts specific keystroke, I don't have scripts because
>> >the scripts I did have were really sucky.  they interfered with the
>> >ability to pause during recording and such.  ctrl-j isn't working for 
>> >me.
>> >Thanks.
>> >-Cary
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>> >
>> >
>> >>Try control J to go to the end or the last place marker.
>> >>
>> >>At 04:36 PM 4/4/2006, you wrote:
>> >>>Hello all.  I'm hoping someone who uses gold wave can help me
>> >>>out.  this is what I want to do.  If I'm recording for a while,
>> >>>and I stop the recording and listen to it, I'd like to record
>> >>>where I left off.  But instead, Gold Wave starts all the way back
>> >>>at the beginning and erases everything I've recorded.  Is there a
>> >>>way I can do this?  If someone could help, I would appreciate it very
>> >>>much.
>> >>>Thanks.
>> >>>-Cary
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