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I use wavepad to edit my podcasts and yes you can mix files together and
pretty much anything you want, if you would like, email me off list at:


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so, I can't use wave pad to paste files together is that what you are

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> Shelly,
> I use Wavepad sometimes for noise reduction.  It's the best program for
>   unless you want to spend big bucks.  It works rpetty well with JFW, but
> takes a bit of getting used to.  Recording is not  quite as straight
> as you'd expect.  HOwever, you can do everything for free except for
> creating and pasting regeons and a couple other things.  The noise
> adn effects are free, though.  If you have questions, write back and I'll
> answer from home where I have the program on my computer.
> JulieMelton
> visit me at
> Keep smiling!
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> >     I'm just wondering if any of you have heard of an audio editing
> >program called wavepad. Just wondering how well it works with jaws and
> >the limitations are if you use the free version.
> >Thanks
> >Shelly
> >

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