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  • From: Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Jennifer Sutton <jensutton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 22:03:13 -0700

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Actually, I wish the list would get a bit more technical for my geeky

I know almost nothing about Flash and I suspect flash is being used to
play music on the PMN site.  I think waiting a week or so to give the
boys over there to obsorb my hour plus long show:) and then maybe follow
up nicely to see if they have any questions or new ideas.  The next time
I go up on the PMN, I think I'm gonna try and see if I can label those
two graphics I keep running into and add them permanently to my firefox
graphics dictionary for Window-Eyes.  That might yield interesting
results.  I might also pass a picture of this site or a URL to one of
the guys, Aaron Smith at GW Micro as he is kinda web accibility wizz; he
might have some suggestions or perhaps some ways to enhance WE.  Some of
the things you may have heard on my show were wild URL's that could be
masked with valid descriptive text; that should be a simple change to
the basic site or its scripts.

Yes Jerry, I heard your song tonight and it was fantastic!

I think I will move this on over to the list with a cc here.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 07:34:09PM -0500, Jennifer Sutton wrote:
> Dear Jerry and Steve:
> Jerry, congratulations on the reception of your Christmas music.  I'm 
> behind in listening to DSC, but I look forward to catching up.
> Judging by your playing that I heard on some album (sorry, artist-name 
> escapes me) on Skepticality, I'm not surprised that Adam liked what he 
> heard.
> I don't want to turn blindcasting into an ultra-techy list, and if you guys 
> don't have time for this, just don't answer.
> I am just a semi-techy wanna-be who reads a lot.  But see what you two 
> think about my comment below Jerry's message.
> How can we capitalize on this great start you've made, Steve, and continue 
> to convey technically robust info to these folks, in bite-sized pieces that 
> they can actually digest, but also in a coordinated fashion?
> No whining; just the facts and how to fix problems, man.
> I never know for sure, but sometimes, I can guess.
> I didn't want just to write to CC because:
> A. I don't want to "pile on"
> and
> B.  I might not be on the right track with my guess.
> I haven't even visited the PMN site.
> See below Jerry's message in which he wrote:
> At 11:07 AM 10/31/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> >One strange quirk is that, once your results are returned on a search, the 
> >first Macromedia button that appears to JAWS, for example, plays the last 
> >song in the list and the last Macromedia flash button plays the first song 
> >in that list. Can't explain why, but, for what it's worth, that's how it 
> >is.
> I respond:
> So, I'm inferring that the site uses a player from Macromedia based on 
> Flash?
> Wouldn't it maybe be a good idea to get the Podshow people in touch with 
> the accessibility guys at Macromedia i.e. Bob Regan and Andrew Kirkpatrick? 
> See a link to their blog below my name.
> Just judging by Jerry's message, and putting a discussion together with it 
> that recently appeared on the WebAIM listserv . . . do you think that the 
> taborder in the Flash objects could need to be adjusted?
> Taborder in the Flash objects (and I think perhaps taborder goes with 
> controls, too) is not, apparently, quite the same as tabindex in 
> HTML.  Tabindex in HTML for Web pages can throw screen readers off, but I 
> think both JFW and WE CAN work with taborder to put the Flash objects in 
> the right order for us blind folks, without visually modifying how the 
> page/player controls would appear.
> Do either of you know enough to guess whether I have a clue and/or what do 
> you think would be a good next step?  Should I just shut up and wait and 
> see?
> Jerry, I'm guessing that VoiceOver doesn't work with Flash, yet, but I 
> don't know that for sure.
> While I'm hammering away with the questions, I keep wondering about 
> CastBlaster Mike.  After all, it's not just the Web; they need to know 
> software accessibility guidelines for when they're writing programs.
> Do you have any thoughts?  Man, I wish I were technical enough to try to 
> get hired as a consultant, but do you think anyone is who you think would 
> do a really good job?
> Just saying "it doesn't work" isn't adequate.  In fact, that makes me 
> crazy.  If they knew how to do it right, I expect they would.
> What Jeff and others did with iPodder is wonderful, but if these people 
> have money, somebody good should be paid to consult and test for 
> accessibility.  Or they should at least get paid to train the Podshow 
> programmers.
> Thanks for any thoughts you have time to share, or just hit your del key.
> I'm not sure why I get so worked up about this; there's not all that much I 
> can do.
> I just know a lot, in theory; I'm not a coder.
> Best,
> Jennifer

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