finally another podcast from me! Get more from sex! Find out what I've been up to!

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Hi There,

It's podcast 23 of Debbie Hazelton's podcast! Wow has it been a long time.
I've had so much going on with attempting to move, which I tell you about,
that I've been too focused on all of it to do much podcasting. But here I
am, and back to stay for awhile!

Licensed Nutritionist Janet Cimorelli from  <> Talks about how we can do some simple things to get
more from that libido! Hey hey! Sounds good to me!

Of course, we hear more from the wonderful music of

And I tell you about my friend Joe's radio work on
<> If you
want to laugh, to hear some really good music and just to hear one of my
favorite friends, check it out and find out when he's on the air!!!

I tell you some of my upcoming plans and mention other podcasts yet to be on
<> The new
comment line is: 206 338 DH4u, that's for Debbie Hazelton, of course, or 206

Email: podcast@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thanks for listening!

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