RE: downloading old episodes with Juice/iPodder?

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It will by default download the episodes that are still in the podcast feed.
I believe that Blind Cool Tech keeps a number of episodes in its podcast

One thing you can do to get more shows is:
1.  Navigate to the Juice subscriptions tab;
2.  Go to the row in the list that has the podcast title in question;
3.  Press the tab key, which will switch you from the list of subscribed
podcasts to the available episodes in the feed;
4.  You can arrow up and down in the list of available episodes.  If one of
them says "skip" and you press the spacebar it will change the status from
skip to queueed for download.

Note this will only show the episodes that the podcast still has in its

Syndicated subscription feeds are generally meant to serve up new content,
and not the entire history of posts or podcasts associated with a site.  I
believe each feed producer can specify how many episodes to keep in the


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there's no way you can make it just automatically download old episodes?  I
wonder why it's doing it with BlindCoolTech and not with the other podcasts
I'm subscribed to?
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> Press space bar on the items you want and it will mark it for download. 
> Once you do that and run the downloads, then you'll get them.  I hope 
> this helps.
> At 12:31 PM 2/13/2006, you wrote:
>>hi all.
>>Does anyone know how to download old episodes of a podcast with 
>>Juice/iPodder?  The reason I ask is that I thought it wasn't possible.
>>Now, I just subscribed to BlindCoolTech, and it's downloading item 1 
>>of 217.  so it's obviously downloading old episodes, but I can't get 
>>Juice to download old episodes of other podcasts.  I've tried the 
>>catchup or f5 option but that just downloads any new content not the old
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