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        Wave Pad, has some utilities in it.  Unfortunately, I don't know its web
site, I got it from someone else.

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Good evening everyone,

    Like many this holiday season we're recording some of our holiday
activities and need to perform noise reduction on them. I used to have the
noise reduction plug-in for Sound Forge, but don't know where I put it so am
unable to install it. I have several concerts recorded in .MP3 format with
major clipping and want to run a clip-peak restoration utility on them to
remove the clipping, but aren't sure which free digital-audio programs
include a full set of noise reduction utilities as standard features. If one
of you can put me on to a program that include noise reduction tools I'll
appreciate that a lot. Best wishes from Mary and I to everyone for a
wonderful holiday season.

Peter Donahue

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