Re: desperate help with Iriver!

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:31:56 -0700

Hi Connie,
I will gladly send you the zip files that I have, and also I would like to try the file that you have if you don't mind?
Send it to franklizarde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and I will reply with the two files that I have.
Thanks for your time!
A smile begins to appear on the sad face.
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Subject: Re: desperate help with Iriver!

Hi Frank,

I downloaded the zip file and successfully updated my Iriver IFP 795. However, I can't use it with my Win 98 computer. Works great with my friend's XP machine. (I think the kor stands for Korea). Anyway, I could send the file to you if you like. I'd like to try your US version if you care to send it.

By the way, is there anyone on this list that has gotten the Iriver with the UMS firmware installed to work with Win 98 Second Edition.

Thanks. I love this little recorder, but I have to get some way to transfer the recorded files to my computer. If I can't, I will regrettably have to sell it.

Connie Skeen

Frank wrote:
Hi to all.
I know that allot of you have Iriver IFp799's, and have updated the firmware, so I hope you don't mind sharing some ideas on it?
I have tried to upgrade the firmware many, many, many times, but no go!
I have tried the IFP700 and 800 updates, but nothing.
I have also tried it on another computer, but nada.
I have asked on this list a couple of times how long the actual update takes, and if I have to hit the OK button to get it started, but I haven't got an answer.
Well, I've tried it both ways, but it always shows up with version 124.
Do you think that I have the wrong update files?
I have IFP-7XX.HEX, and IFP-8XXT.HEX.
Well, those are the unzipped files.
These are the actual zipped file names, ifp780(us)-v129, and ifp890us-ums128.
It's bin about a week that I've bin trying to do this, but no luck.
My ideas have all ran out!
Could someone help?
Sad face and pleading hands.

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